Career after Maths; What to study? Where to Go?

Ask any school going kid about their worst nightmare, and the answer is most likely to be ‘maths’. The business with numbers, equations, trigonometry, and calculus might have scared all of us during school days. But it is high time we realized that mathematics has much more to offer. Despite being branded as the ‘nerd-thing’, mathematics is now emerging as one of the most promising choices among graduation courses. Let us see what a degree in Mathematics has in store for us.

Having a degree in Mathematics gives you the key to doors of different kinds. Unlike other science degrees, Mathematics can guide you to different streams like Information Technology, Business Management, Data Analysis, Professional Banking and Professional Accounting. When it comes to choices after BSc Mathematics, most students either go with higher studies or jobs. Now, let’s check out the career options after BSc Maths.

Career after Maths: Higher Studies

The most popular route taken by students after BSc Maths is to go for higher studies. But it’s not always MSc Maths. Let’s look at a few options for higher studies after BSc Maths. Mathematics

Candidates who are very much interested in exploring the subject, or those who dream of becoming a teacher someday, would opt for this. Universities all across India offer Master Degree in Mathematics. Out of this, IIT’s, NIT’s, IISER’s and Central Universities are the premium choices.

In order to get into these premiere institutes’, candidates will have to clear certain exams. IITs conduct an annual entrance exam called JAM (Joint Admission Test for MSc) for admissions to Post-Graduation programs. Eminent Centers like the Indian Institute of Science (IISC) Bangalore, National Institute of Technology (NITs) and centrally funded technical institutes (CFTIs) accept JAM score as a criterion for admission. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) is another option a candidate can choose. They conduct a nationwide entrance exam each year (TIFR GS) for Post-Graduation intakes. Statistics after BSc Maths

A Postgraduate degree in Statistics gives you more career opportunities when compared to Post graduation in mathematics. Many reputed jobs are available for candidates having a Master’s in Statistics. 

Job profiles like Statistical Analyst, Cost Estimator, Statistical Officer, Service Estimator, etc can offer you an annual salary package of 6 to 8lakhs. The most reputed institute in India for this course is the Indian Statistical Institute. They conduct a separate admission test each year for admission.

MCA after B.Sc Maths

Computer Programs are all about Mathematical Logic. A graduate degree in Mathematics and interest in the field of Information Technology makes you eligible for MCA programs. 

Premier Institutes in the country select candidates through entrance examinations. Most of the questions for those exams are usually from basic Mathematics. The odds are that a Mathematics graduate can crack the exam easily compared to a student having bachelor’s degree in Computer Application.

National Institute of Technology (NITs) conducts an all India admission test called ‘NIMCET’ for admitting students for MCA program. Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) have a different common entrance test called IIT JAM. West Bengal Joint Entrance Exam MCA (WB-JECA), JNU-MCA, BITS-MCA are some other entrance exams candidates can look into.

Can I do MBA after

Yes. If you are fancied with the charismatic corporate world, choosing Business Administration as your Master’s subject will guide the way. Degree of any discipline makes you eligible for the course. But since you are fine with the numerals, it is much easier to crack the entrance examination. 

In fact, majority of the students who crack CAT examination are engineering graduates, since they are good with numbers. A systematic preparation will easily grab you a seat in one of the premier institutes in the country. Specializing in Finance will help you take up job roles such as Corporate Finance Officer.

Those were a few of the most popular options for higher studies after BSc Maths. Now, let’s look at other career options after BSc Maths.

Career after BSc maths: Operational Research

Operation Research is an analytical method of problem-solving. The main aim of operational research is to achieve the best performance in given conditions for minimal cost. It is one of the key functions of all management organizations. An operational research professional will have to analyze all possible outcomes and estimate the risk and cost involved. Time Management, Planning, Network Optimization and Packet Routing are some areas where operational research plays a big role.

If your capacity to think critically and analyze if a situation is competitive, operational research is a great choice. This can give you many opportunities in India as well as in foreign countries. An experienced operational research professional can draw an annual salary of up to 10-15 lakhs in India and above 40 lakhs abroad.

Getting into Banking jobs after Maths

Professional banking is another career option for mathematics graduates. Banking is a major sector that provides a lot of employment opportunities and a decent salary to beginners. Public sector banks recruit candidates through IBPS exam each year in Clerical and Officer category. A mathematics graduate can easily crack the exam since 70% of the questions are from Mathematics and Logical Reasoning.

Institute of Banking and personnel selection (IBPS) is the current body which recruits Banking professionals. They conduct general exams to fill available vacancies whereas banks such as SBI and RBI have their own separate examination. Candidates will have to prepare for this kind of examinations either by going to a coaching center or by subscribing to various online available platforms such as BankersAdda.

Career after BSc maths: Teaching

Mathematics is a compulsory subject in primary schools. Most of the colleges offer mathematics course as a main graduate subject as well as an optional course for other science streams. You can opt to go for B.Ed. course after completing Maths graduation to become eligible for teaching in classes up to High School level. To teach in Higher secondary and in Colleges a Master’s Degree is mandatory.

Career after BSc maths: Accounting and Professional Services

It is often believed that jobs in the accounting sector are exclusively reserved for BCom graduates and other professional degree holders. However, this is not the case. Numerical, analytical and logical skills are the building blocks of a successful career in this sector. A graduate in mathematics can thus pursue accounting jobs as well. 

Career profiles including that of an auditor, tax accountant, management accountant, forensic accountant and even corporate advisor awaits mathematics degree holders. Some professions in this regard might need further qualifications including software proficiency, which can be easily acquired before or during the training period.

Career after BSc maths: Actuarial science

Actuarial science is nothing but risk calculation. If you are not scared of huge lumps of data and is ready to analyze, scrutinize and calculate the risk involved in financial plans, think about becoming an actuary. An in-depth understanding of Statistics and probability are the key mathematical skills required.

Institute of Actuaries of India is the governing body for actuaries in India. The institute conducts associateship and fellowship program for prospective candidates. To become an actuary associate, one must enroll themselves with this society as a student member.

Career after BSc maths: Other Government Services

A significant fraction of graduates in mathematics are now keen on finding a suitable job in the government sector. Central and state government jobs are indeed the most sought-out ‘catch’ for any aspirants. All thanks go to the stability and added benefits attached to them. However, these jobs cannot be attained unless the aspirant gets through competitive examinations. Mathematics graduates can easily hit the bulls-eye since these examinations are often a cakewalk for them. Most of the central government jobs require strong command over numerical and logical reasoning. So, mathematics degree holders tend to have the upper hand.

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With the emergence of big data and related organizations, the scope of mathematics has leaped far ahead. All the above-mentioned career choices for a mathematics graduate has seen immense growth in recent years. It is speculated that the chances of further jobs being created under these titles are even higher. Needless to mention, the pay scales to these jobs are fancier than any other streams of science graduation can offer. Operational research jobs, actuarial jobs, and even accounting jobs can earn you pretty decent sums. The salary ranges from 10 lakh up to 80 lakhs annually, in India. Now that you have learned the scope and future that a basic degree in Mathematics can offer, why hesitate? Choose your course and college, and be prepared to dive into the pool of opportunities. 

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