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We, at Hikewise, strive to deliver career guidance solutions to students and professionals across the country without any compromise on quality. Our programs are geared towards enabling individuals to find career fields that best suit who they are and to discover how to maximize their potentials.

You are in the right place, if:

You’re at a critical crossroad and confused about what course or stream to choose for your higher education.

You’re already pursuing higher education in a certain field but finding that it is not working out for you.

You have been working in a field for several years and wondering if there’s something else you could do which could make you more fulfilled.

How do we help?

2 Simple Steps for Career Selection & Planning



Why choose Hikewise over other online career counselling platforms?

Our problem-solution modality of functioning, where we see each case as a unique combination of individual characteristics and contextual factors.

Our counsellors on an average spend around 8+ hours on a single case.

Our counselling sessions are not merely a relaying of the results from the assessment or just a report-interpretation session.

We provide support beyond a one-time solution in the form of continued mentorship to clients and two-month-long chat support with an expert.

Given the time investment on part of our team of counsellors and the comprehensiveness of our career development program, our packages are quite affordable.

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