Is Coaching the Answer to JEE Success?

If you wish to choose or has chosen Science as your stream in 11th, your heart skips a beat when you discover the fact that you have to take a big decision of whether you will be joining a coaching institute to prepare for entrance exams like JEE or NEET or you will be sitting and preparing for these exams on your own.

So, coaching or no coaching, well technically speaking there is a 50% chance of you choosing any one of these two options but to put all your belief and your career at stake in your choice is what makes this decision very onerous and tiring.

You ask your friends, listen to your parent’s advice, surf the internet desperately trying to reach a solution but have you ever thought what is really the difference between these two choices.

Well, let’s clear your thoughts by telling you a short story.

There were two friends, say Raj and Shrey. Let’s say Raj opted for no coaching and Shrey opted for coaching. Raj was very hardworking, very committed to his goal and thought of nothing else but JEE.

Shrey, on the other hand, was also hard working, also committed but not as much as Raj.

Raj never got distracted while studying while Shrey sometimes got distracted. So, as Raj was always fuelled by his never-ending wish of clearing JEE, he kept on studying on his own and whereas Shrey due to his commitment with the coaching classes also kept working as much as Raj.

It’s clear from this story that Raj never needed to join a coaching institute or get some guidance whereas Shrey needed some guidance throughout his preparation.

Now, for a second think what if Raj had taken up coaching and Shrey didn’t. What would be their status?

Well, you’d say don’t know about Raj but Shrey would have surely messed up a bit. Well, that’s true.

Shrey would have messed up. So, if you have a personality like Raj who is always radiating with the spark of clearing JEE, you can go for self-preparation but if you are somewhat like Shrey who sometimes gets distracted and needs a knocking on his head to come back on track, then self-coaching may not be a good option for you.

You may have the brightest mind in the world but if you aren’t able to utilise it in the most efficient way, you may face problems in clearing JEE.

If you are able to use your mind in the most constructive and conducive manner without anybody’s guidance, well then yours the world my friend, JEE will be damn easy for you.

But if you aren’t able to use your mind with complete proficiency all the time, then you can take help from these coaching institutes and let them become your guiding hand and take you to the epitome of success.

So, now as we have a basic layout about how both self-preparation and coaching work, let’s dig deeper and find why coaching may give you an edge over people who opt for self-preparation.

Before we step in let’s decipher what JEE really is. The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is conducted every year for admissions in various engineering colleges all over India. Every year, on an average 12 lakh people write the preliminary JEE Mains out which on an average only the top 2 lakhs are selected for the JEE Advanced out of which only 35,000 students qualify. Yes, only 35,000 out of whooping 12 Lakh students and mind you, out of those 35,000 qualified only 10,000-15,000 get a seat in the IITs.

So now you know how tough, competitive and prestigious this exam is.

Also, not every coaching institute out there is good, there is no point of joining an institute which doesn’t cater the basic educational needs required by JEE aspirants. So, it’s better to tread carefully and not settle for these institutes with haste.

So, now let’s look why coaching may place you in a more comfortable spot as compared to students who went with self-preparation.


1.  JEE Beomes Easy

“A goal without a plan is just a wish”

Coaching institutes make your wish become a goal by methodically planning everything.

Generally, students who have been through some formal coaching are able to secure much better ranks than those who have never been through a coaching regime. Do you know why?

It’s because coaching institutes have a plan for everything. Like, how they are going to go, when will they test the students’ knowledge, how many times are they going to test it, and what strategies will they use if students face problems. They even plan what subtopics are going to be covered in every lecture before the lecture even begins.

All you have to do is steer your vehicle in the direction of these plans and let these plans drive you.

All these plans and their successful completion make the students’ life very easy. JEE slowly starts becoming a dream come true for the students.

2. You Get Committed

When you see everyone around you working hard just for you, you also start developing a good level of commitment to your studies and also learn to handle the pressure of performing. You are able to cope up with the stress and pressure of JEE preparation more easily as you see other students in your batch also going through the same phase.

Handling stress and pressure when you are preparing on your own can be a little tough sometimes as you have no one around you who is going through the same phase as you are.

As Abraham Lincoln once said, “Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality.”

JEE is your dream and at the end, only your actions will make this dream become a reality so getting committed and serious is of utmost importance.

The institutes make sure that you make studies your first priority and make sure you devote ample time to it just like a farmer devotes ample time in sowing the seeds that will reap him huge benefits afterwards.


3. You Get to Test Your Knowledge

The only way to know if you have truly learned something is by checking if you can apply it.

Let’s say you have finished Kinematics, so the only way to know that you have mastered kinematics is by doing questions in a time-based manner. This is where coaching helps you.

The regular test series and quizzes by these coaching classes will keep you on your toes and will also make you regular with your studies and will let you apply what you have learnt, which can be a bit difficult sometimes if you are preparing on your own.

As you can see in the images below, coaching institutes also provide a complete detailed report on your past performances. This helps you to understand what you lack and what you are good at. Seeing your results will boost you to study and perform much better in the next test.

Pro Tip: Try and do a deep analysis reports of these reports you get, this will make it very easy for you to rectify your mistakes. And also focus more on the weak topics that are pin pointed out by these reports.

Just like artists have dress rehearsals just before their main show, you also need to have plenty of mock exams before the main exam. These mock exams let you truly apply what you have learned. This way you get a knack of how things will really be on the real day.

So, by giving these mock exams you will be more prepared and readier for the main event.

4. Experienced Faculty

The hardworking faculty at these institutes makes students’ life a lot easier. The faculty attentively plans which topics are to be covered first and which topics should be given more importance. This can be a difficult job if you are preparing on your own as you are not half as experienced as the faculty.

Only a teacher has the capability to truly enhance a student’s capabilities and make them realize their potential.

Most of the teachers at these coaching institutes are IIT graduates themselves, so they know what a student feels or what he finds tough as they have been through the same phase in their life.

And the amount of inspiration these teachers will give you will surely boost your confidence and will force you to go beyond your comfort zone and ace the JEE exam.

The teachers who are the masters of their respective fields make the students become their apprentice and make sure they become the new masters in the near future.

5. Kill Two Birds with One Stone

They help you ace the Boards too. Many students believe that many coaching classes completely ignore the class 12 boards, but that is not at all true.

As it’s said that you cannot build anything without a strong foundation, similarly you cannot study or solve JEE questions without having the basic knowledge of the subject which is first provided to the students by the coaching faculty.

In fact, many coaching institutes have started providing English and Computer Science notes to help students ace the boards. As you can look in the images below, they also provide students with sample papers for board exams too.

So, when you join a coaching institute, you will surely be killing two birds with one stone. You will be able to ace both the boards as well as the JEE. Well, what more does a JEE aspirant want?

6. Your Biological Clock is Mended

They create a study environment that is needed for JEE. They make sure that you have the ability to sit and think for six straight hours without any problems or distractions.

Many times, students face the problem of not being able to concentrate for 3 hours or 6 hours on a stretch. No student wants an exhausted or tired brain on the exam day. The institutes make sure the you don’t get exhausted or tired during the exam by training you to face the exam and also training your body and brain to sit with sheer confidence for 6 straight hours.

They try and make you a Jedi Knight whose concentration can’t ever be broken.

7. Best Study Material

You will have access to study material that has been crafted just to suit the present trend of JEE. This study material is what does the wonders for the coaching class students.

These study materials are made by reviewing hundreds of books and the best questions from these books are chosen. This is where students who study on their own suffer, these students don’t have access to such a rich and exhaustive study material.

Nobody wants to refer thousands of books for each subject. Everybody wants a compact resource that can always be relied upon and that’s what every good coaching institute tries to do. They spend an awful lot of time just to prepare one thin module for a topic, but this small module is so rich and deep that there is never a need for another book or resource.

So, try and get your hands on the study materials provided by a good coaching institute.

As you can see in the images below, coaching centres provide you with a concrete analysis of every past year JEE exam till date. Their research and analysing power are what makes JEE easy. They make you understand the exam pattern and help you digest it. Understanding the exam pattern is the most crucial part of the JEE preparation.

8. Revision Becomes a Cakewalk

Anybody who is preparing for JEE or has prepared for JEE knows how vast the JEE syllabus is. So a concrete revision of this deep and heavy syllabus becomes very difficult.

You can have a look at the topics JEE asks every year

Quite a lot to digest, isn’t it?

This is where coaching institutes help the students. The coaching institutes have a planned revision strategy which makes it very easy for the students to revise and get a strong grip on the vast syllabus of JEE.

Most of the coaching institutes keep revision classes at the end and try to review each and every topic they have covered. Imagine how beneficial this can be as every JEE aspirant knows that revision of both class 11th and 12th along with board preparation is just like shooting an arrow without even looking at the target.

9. You Become Familiar with the Competition

Studying in a coaching institute helps you start facing the competition pretty early. Around 12 lakh students write the JEE exam every year, now that is a lot of competition.

Coaching institutes give you the real JEE exam feel by conducting exams at various different centres, and assigning roll numbers to each student,  just to make students comfortable with the huge competition and the exam environment. Exam temperament is what they try to build. So, students who have attended a coaching institute generally feel more relaxed and calmer on the exam day as compared to students who are facing this environment for the first time.

At the end, your two or three years long journey boils down to just one day and not even just one day it boils down to just 3 hours. So, you don’t want anxiety or stress let take the best of you. You have to remain calm but to remain calm at such a big occasion is not easy for an 18- or 19-year old. This is where coaching institutes step in. They make facing stress and anxiety a part of your routine, so, on the real exam day, you feel like it is just one of the coaching exams.

10. You’ll Have a Mentor

Most of the coaching classes have now started to assign a mentor to each student. Everybody knows that a JEE aspirant’s life is not easy, this two or three year long journey is full of ups and downs. There is a lot going in the heads of these teenagers and even a minor problem can cause blunders in the near future so to understand the student’s psychology and their aptitude, mentors are the best pick.

Mentoring has the ability to change the course of a youth’s life. A study by Dr Jean Rhodes shows that youngsters with mentors are 55% more likely to succeed in a task as compared to a youngster with no mentor.

So, if you are facing a problem in your life, you’ll have someone to talk to because sometimes you cannot tell everything to your parents.

11. No Need to Battle with your Doubts Alone

There is no way that you won’t ever face a problem or have a doubt in your JEE preparation. In fact, you won’t ever have the true essence of JEE if you don’t ever think or ask yourself questions. But we all know how frustrating it can be when you are fighting with your doubts alone.

At a coaching institute, you have an immensely experienced faculty at your disposal to get your doubts cleared. You can get your doubts cleared anytime by your teachers. That’s what they are for, afterall!

Most institutes now have WhatsApp groups or special apps where students can ask a doubt at any time of the day and the related faculty will clear it. They also keep doubt solving sessions in between classes for the students.

So, all you have to do is ask!

12. Help Even after JEE

Your relationship with your coaching institute isn’t over just after the exam day. They will be there to help you even after the exam.

They help you to select the best college with the best course according to your score, they let you know which exam forms are out and which exams are important. You become their children and they try everything they can to get you to a good college.

They have been in this education sector for a long time. They know what is good and what is not. So you can ask for their opinion without any hesitation or a second thought.

There is no professional relationship between you and these institutes, they become your second home and cater to your needs like no one else.

13. You Become Regular with Your Studies

Coaching institutes help you stick to a schedule. Following a timetable or a schedule is very important if you want to get a good rank in JEE. You can’t just waste your time doing unproductive things.

With coaching, you get disciplined and this discipline also helps you in your life ahead. With coaching, you won’t have any time to waste. Either you will be studying the topics taught in the class or preparing for a mock JEE exam.

Doing all this makes you very regular with your studies and gets you on the brink of success. The coaching institutes make sure you master your craft and do justice to your preparation.

They make you believe in yourself. They channel your energy and make your wisdom ride your mind and not mind riding your wisdom.

We hope this may have cleared the haze over your brain about this decision you have to take. But one thing you should keep in mind is that you ought to take the decision that suits you and not what everyone else wants you to take. It’s YOU who have to run this marathon not others, so only you have the right to decide how you will be preparing for it.

Also, avoid rushing with this decision. Take your time, evaluate both of the options and analyze everything before deciding. Because there is no point of changing your mode of preparation midway through your journey. This will only create even more unnecessary friction between you and your target.

Whether you want to join an institute or not is solely up to you but it is quite important that you take this decision with extreme care and caution because you cannot afford to repent your decision afterwards.

Think how life will be if you opt for no coaching and then compare how it will be with coaching, this way you will automatically get to know what you really want. You can even go for a SWOT analysis to compare the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats associated with both the choices.

As Micah Baldwin says “Don’t take forever to make a decision but don’t make it too fast”.

So, be quick and clinical in your decision-making process and make sure you take the decision on your own and not under anyone’s pressure.

Best of Luck and Happy Learning!

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