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There is an interesting trend among the young set of corporate job seekers that has been noticed recently. MBA graduates, many from most reputed B-schools, are rushing into institutions to get enrolled in certificate and diploma courses. Why do you think graduates of MBA courses are forced to finish other add-on courses before they get hired? Especially when the course is  considered as one of the most promising courses in the country? Is it by any chance cueing to the end of MBA boom in India? 

Well, there is more to discuss on this new trend. It shall be perceived as a reminder that traditional streams of specialisation in MBA are slowly getting displaced. In the digital era, traditional managerial and administrative courses cannot secure you a space in the corporate realm. The aspirant shall prove to be competitive in the spheres of the digital, which is why MBA holders are now bustling around to up-skill themselves. If you do not have a strong online presence, and lack the ability to negotiate with cyberspace, then your degree cannot help you in the digital era. Even a strong and functional degree like MBA can be of no use if you fail to manage the digital media. 

This is why a fresh approach to MBA was introduced by the B-schools across the country. Universities and institutions now provide MBA with specialisation in digital marketing, and it is the new big  thing.

What is MBA in Digital Marketing?

Business administrative executives are experts in devising marketing strategies, staging campaigns, evaluating feedback and thus pulling up the best of results. This, however, is the traditional way of doing it. Do we, in this technologically determined age, resort to banners, posters and brochures to reach out to products? A big ‘No’ would be the answer. 

Marketing, like any other practice, is now a function of the ‘digital’. We come across companies and products through social networking and utility sites. We interact with the online presence of products, and engage in transactions on our smartphones. MBA in Digital Marketing, thus, becomes the necessity of the time. 

The course takes this shift into account and trains you accordingly. It provides the technological education and digital literacy necessary to envisage marketing strategies online. Tools to mine and manage data over smart gadgets, advertising techniques over the web, utilising user-friendly mobile applications to place products and services all comes under the scope of digital marketing. Along with digital planning and ideation, data management is also one of the core elements of the course. Many other courses including diplomas and certifications are available in digital marketing, since no business can survive without a digital strategist now. However, MBA in Digital Marketing stands out, since it assures the traditional skills of MBA blended with digital expertise.

Syllabus of MBA in Digital Marketing: What do you study?

What could be the streams of study that are necessary to master the techniques of digital marketing? Advertising? E-commerce? Well, digital marketing is a more packed course than we can ever imagine. Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Email marketing, lead generation, web design, graphic design, content marketing, data analytics and big data comes as a part of this package. A good MBA course in digital marketing, thus, provides a syllabus inclusive of all these. Big data and data analytics is an integral part of digital marketing, since data can take a decisive role in identifying the target and designing the plan. In the light of this revelation, some institutions even provide a dual core MBA, in digital marketing and data analytics.

Syllabus and pedagogy of this course needs to be updated annually according to the present trends, largely because this entire course has emerged out of industrial demand. To cope up with this demand and cater to it, frequent validation and revision becomes necessary. Needless to say, MBA in Digital Marketing is a practical course with maximum industry visits and internships, and minimum theory lectures. Even though some topics of study may vary across institutions, the following are some common subjects covered:

  • Marketing Management
  • Targeting and Positioning
  • Business Communication
  • Distribution Management
  • Marketing Information Systems
  • Basics of Digital Marketing
  • Digital Design and Communication
  • Internet Technologies
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Mining
  • Web Design and Development
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Website and UI Optimisation
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Digital Media Laws
  • Interactive Marketing
  • Life Skills Lab
  • Brand Planning and Consumer insights

Internships and projects are also part of the syllabus, since on-site work experience is the key to mastering the skill of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing MBA: Eligibility, Fees and Colleges

Like any other practical course, finding the right institution is significant for this course as well. Following the discussions on up-skilled MBA courses, many B-schools have emerged with a course in digital marketing to offer. What we have to do is, choose wisely. Graduates in any recognised stream from any recognised university can apply for the course, but after clearing a common admission test. Some institutes might conduct separate entrance examinations. Interview is also part of the admission procedure. The course is of two-year duration, divided into four semesters. Since this is a fresh course and stream, it is necessary to take extra care while choosing the apt place to study. Availability of the best labs, exposure to work with the best job-providers, and presence of skilled faculty should be the key points while deciding. 

However, the following list enumerates some of the leading institutes that provide the course in India:

  • Rai University, Ahmedabad
  • Aditya Institute of Management Studies and Research, Mumbai
  • Integral University, Lucknow
  • ITM Business School, Bangalore
  • Institute of Business Management and Technology, Bangalore
  • Xavier Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai
  • ISTTM, Hyderabad
  • SGT University, Gurgaon
  • JK Lakshmipat University, Jaipur

IIM’s including Ahmedabad and Calcutta provide certificate courses in digital marketing, but if you are looking forward to a strong and lengthy career in this field, it is always advisable to go for a full-fledged MBA. Since most of the institutions that provide this course are private and unaided, fees can be a bit on the higher end. Annual fee for the course might range from 50,000 to 10,50,000 rupees.

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Scope of Digital Marketing MBA: What Jobs and Salary to Expect?

We have seen the drastic yet productive shift from traditional means of marketing to the digital one. With technology and the digital platforms being penetrated this deep into our daily lives, do you think there is a faintest chance of a counter-shift? Not at all. This very realisation can answer all the questions regarding the scope of digital marketing. 

The new marketing is digital in nature, and India is now undergoing the process of a complete transformation. A huge section of the public has migrated to the digital realm of content, material and monetary transaction! It is the need of the market to produce experts capable of handling the new-found situations and issues in this mediated world. Digital marketing will soon grow into a course available everywhere, since each and every company has a space to employ graduates in this discipline.

MNC’s, media houses, advertising agencies, IT firms, digital marketing agencies and startups now hire MBAs in digital marketing in large numbers. Graduates can hold a wide range of job profiles including SEO specialist, digital business manager, Google Ads specialist, Search expert, Social media marketer, mobile marketing specialist, market research analyst, and get paid as much as 3 lakh per month if you are good enough. Average salary for freshers with zero experience can be as low as 30,000 per month, but experts can make good fortune out of the job.


Will it be hard to believe if I say that over 1.5 lakh job opportunities are awaiting digital marketers in India in the coming years? Experts agree with this statistical data, and assure that digital marketing is going to create an explosion of chances for ambitious job seekers. Given that there are not many MBA holders in this stream, it is indeed the time to get into the play. The times we live in have created a favourable epoch of the digital, and it is our turn to move with it. If you are considering getting yourself an MBA, why not master this new-found treasure?

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