A Smooth Career Switch in Your ‘30s and ‘40s: How Career Counselors Help

Meera was feeling sucked up in her current job. From the outside, she was successful; she had completed her C.A at a time when some of her friends were still struggling to get past it. She was placed in a well-known firm with a good pay package. But something inside her was not happy and she desperately needed a change. She couldn’t even talk about this to her family because their reaction was one that she dreaded the most. Why? Because when you’re in your 30’s you are not encouraged to make a job-switch; at least not when you are associated with a good company and are well-paid. 

In a situation like the one above, the biggest hurdle we face is ourselves. We understand that we are stuck, yet we ourselves hesitate to make the shift. But Gallup has something different to say. They refer to people in their 30’s as the job-hopping generation. They are the ones who would’ve perhaps changed 4 jobs by the time they reach 32. They are restless and want to keep moving on, rather than be stuck; they are always on a lookout for the greener pastures on the other side. So, the good thing is that perceptions about switching over to a new role in a new company are fast changing. The options are available and people are open to pick them up. Yet, it is also important to known how to make a smooth transition? What to look for, what to avoid? 

How to Ensure A Smooth Career Switch:

Here are some pointers to keep in mind to ensure a smooth career switch, especially when you are in your mid 30’s. 

  1. Revamp Your Resume: Make it relevant to reflect the important positions you’ve held so far. This is important to show your employers what they are more interested in rather than simply fill up pages to distract.
  2. Make Your Cover Letter Interesting: The cover letter is an extension of your resume in a sense. It puts forth those points that your resume can’t reflect. What makes you suitable for this role despite being from a different background? What key skills do you possess? It must ooze out confidence.
  3. Re-assess Your Contacts/Up Your Network: Build up contacts. If you have identified the industry you want to move to, try getting in touch with someone who’s already there so they can put you in touch with important people who are hiring. May be a friend’s friend? This part of research is important; don’t overlook it.
  4. Upgrade Your Skills: Before moving into a new industry, make sure it’s not just the passion that’s driving you. Necessary skills are vital. Look up online courses that might help. Use up the weekends to prep yourself up; there’s no shortcut to success, isn’t it? If you’re keen to do a full time course relevant to the career you want to move to, make sure it’s the right decision. You need to be secure on the financial front if you’re planning to take the break, especially if you have a family to support. 

Why Career Counseling?

“Career counseling? Why do I need one?” my friend asked the other day when I mentioned casually because he was the crossroads not knowing which way to go ahead while choosing the perfect career for himself. “I’m 40+, do you know that? What can a counselor do to help me at this stage? I’m not a student who needs a counselor.” 

If a person can format his resume and draft a decent covering letter, upgrade the required skills and is good at networking, why should he/she need a counselor? What additional handholding can a counselor do to a person who is reasonably confident about the future career path he needs to take? In fact, most professionals shy from using the services of a career counselor when they are indecisive in their mid 30’s or 40’s to make a career switch. Earlier, one was considered to be stable in his/her career and would generally not risk a change. But those days are long gone. Now 40 is the new 20. There are interesting opportunities for highly experienced professionals who can transition to better turfs. It’s true that career counselors are not magicians who can make your difficulties cease to exist. Yet, one cannot overlook the important role they play when we are really in need of steering towards a proper career choice or a switch at the most difficult time.

Benefits of career Counseling:

Here are some of the benefits of getting a career advice:

  • Counselors look at your resume in a way you are not skilled to—you must accept that. It just means that they look at it with an expert and experienced eye to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses better.
  • They help you rebuild your career through transition in a way that’s not lopsided.
  • When you are at the crossroads and are not in a position to take a firm decision, they come to your rescue. At times like this family and friends tend to be biased. They know your weakness so they may not encourage you to take the required risks for a brighter future. But a counselor is a complete stranger who knows you only through your resume, so he/she will guide you from uncertainty to clarity. 
  • They will dust the confusion off your mind. Many a times we know what we don’t want but are not exactly sure what we are looking for. We may have the skills but we may not know how to channelize those into something meaningful.
  • Counselors will point you to your skills and relevant experience that will aid your second innings to achieve something bigger and better. Most of them have a background in psychology and a strong experience in psychometrics to handle every individual case with absolute professionalism.

Why Hikewise?

Hikewise has experienced counselors who go a step further in assessing you whether you are a newbie or looking for a career switch midlife. They have an online career assessment platform unlike anywhere in India. It’s comprehensive as well as scientific that takes into account your entire psychometric make up like interests, personality, work value preferences and emotional intelligence. Based on this test, a detailed report is generated to assess each trait and suggest improvements. Finally, they suggest five career fields to choose from that fit your personality the best. It’s an online platform so you can take the test from anywhere in the world. The counselors are experienced and use their assessment as a tool to help you make an informed career switch choice. 

Give up the fear of “I’m too old to make the change.” Come out of the confusion with expert coaches who will help you ask the right questions so you can stay focused on your goals. Sometimes these career changes are necessary; they bring in a new lease of joy. It’s like being a teenager again. Why not?

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