Travel jobs in India: 7 exciting career options for a person who love to travel

Your profession is not what brings home your paycheck. Your profession is what you were put on earth to do with such passion and such intensity that it becomes spiritual in calling.’ 

– Vincent Van Gogh

Most of us love to travel. It rejuvenates our soul. But empty pockets seldom let us chase the horizons. And to fill them, we take up jobs. Then, our lives get stuck inside a cubicle, waiting for that holiday at the end of every year. Yes, ‘Work, save, travel, repeat’ has been our mantra in the past. But, can those two weeks make up for the year spend inside a shoebox? If not, it’s time to think of career options that will let you explore your passion to travel. 

In this article, I’m going to talk about a few travel jobs in India that will pay you for traveling.

Travel jobs in India: Become an airline pilot

Imagine how cool it would be to fly a plane. You get to travel the world in style, enjoying all the premium services for free. And, you get paid a lot. Also, a pilot holds a high reputation in the society. You will always be a celebrity in your uniform and the stares of admiration will follow you everywhere. 

So, how to become an airline pilot? The first step towards becoming a pilot is to enroll yourself in a flying school. You can do that after completing your 12th. This doesn’t mean you can directly walk-in. You need to meet all the eligibility requirements. Usually, the process starts with getting a private pilot certificate that qualifies you to fly single-engine planes. Then, it’s about earning the instrument rating which allows a pilot to fly under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) and in all kinds of weather. You will receive your commercial pilot license on the successful completion of this course.

 But this alone won’t get you a job in a commercial passenger airline. You will have to earn a multi-engine rating and also the flying hours required to get the Airline Transport Pilot certificate. Once that’s done, you can start applying to airline companies for the job. That’s only if you don’t mind occupying the best seat in an Airbus A320. 

Travel jobs in India: Flight attendant/Cabin crew

Let’s say you couldn’t make it to the pilot’s cabin. You got other options to be in the air and travel around the world. If you’re someone who has been inside a plane, remember those lovely ladies and gentlemen who offer you help with anything and everything during your flight.

Yes, the flight attendants! It’s considered to be one of the most glamorous professions in the world. If you don’t believe me, follow the Instagram profile of a flight attendant. Their job is to serve the passengers in the best interest of the airline company. Just like pilots, they get to travel the world for free and enjoy premium services. For this, you’ve to make it to a reputed international airline. 

So, how to become a flight attendant? Here, you get hired first and then take the training. The minimum qualification to get hired by an airline company is to have an HSE certificate. But it’s always recommended to complete service industry training courses before applying to an Airline. This will give you an upper hand during the selection process. That’s not it. You should also match the physical requirements and personality standards for the role. Once hired, you will go through 5-6 weeks of flight attendant training before receiving your certificate from the concerned authority. And then, pack your bags and wait for your flight. 

Travel jobs in India: Work in a Cruise ship 

There won’t be many travelers who will say no to a cruise ship experience. They travel around the world, giving its passengers unforgettable experiences to take back home. The voyage, the comforts inside a cruise ship, and the destinations make a cruise ship ticket the lifetime ambition for many. 

You can make this pleasure voyage part of your everyday life if you plan your career properly. Don’t panic! I’m not asking you to spend your hard-earned money on cruise tickets. There is another way. As cruise ships offer almost every service imaginable, it provides plenty of job opportunities. From the captain of the ship to a ballet artist who entertains the guest, it takes aboard hundreds of employees to serve the guests. Did that ring bells inside your head?

So, how to find a job on a cruise ship? The answer is quite simple. Most ships will post job opportunities online. You can find them online and apply for the position that fits you. Or else, find a reliable agent who can help you get a job.

A small warning! Don’t jump into it thinking that it’s going to be only ‘pleasure’ all the way. Long working hours! Tiresome work schedules! Everything is part of the game. But you will be given enough time to go around once the ship anchors ashore. And, the money! Trust me, you don’t want to say no to that.

Travel jobs in India: International Aid Worker

If your heart wishes to serve while you travel the world, try becoming an international aid worker. They are social service professionals who travel around the underdeveloped world to make it a better place. As an international aid worker, you will provide assistance to the underserved and displaced in nations that are affected by wars, famine, and poverty. International organizations like Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO), Franciscan International and Red cross hire volunteers from around the world to be part of their service team. 

At first, you’ve to find an organization that works in your area of interest and apply for the vacant positions available. But you will have a hard time trying to get in. Competition! That’s expected. You will find a thousand others applying for the same role. So, how to cross the jungle? Gain relevant experience in the fields of health, social services, agriculture, or international relations. This will help you skip the queue. Once hired, most organizations will require you to work for at least two years before getting overseas postings.

But remember, you’re not going to DisneyLand. International aid workers could deal with dangers from disease or violence. Sometimes, you will have to be in remote localities without basic facilities, for weeks. So, this is no bed of roses and don’t go unless you’re really into it.

Travel jobs in India: Travel blogger/vlogger

Now, let’s talk about the most common profession among travelers. With the internet boom,  travelers started using online platforms to make money by sharing their experiences. Today, you will find millions of travel blogs and vlogs in the web.

They travel around the world and share their traveling experiences through blogging or vlogging. Either someone will buy it or will get paid for the ads that get posted on your blog/vlog. Though this started off as a passion, it soon evolved to become a profitable profession.

So, how to become a blogger or a vlogger? Here, you’re your own boss and there is no compulsory formal course you should take up before trying your luck. But that doesn’t mean you can directly go in without having anything in hand. Aesthetic sense and technical skills are necessary to become a vlogger. To be a blogger, you will need real writing skills. It’s always recommended to spend some time acquiring such skills before starting off your career. 

But at the end of the day, your talent matters. Not everyone becomes a successful blogger/vlogger. Unless you’re good at telling your story, no one will pay you. Also, you won’t go to bed with a fat pocket on your first day. It takes time. If you’re really good at it, you won’t need another job. Travel, create content, earn, repeat.

Travel jobs in India: Tour operator/ travel manager

This was an easy guess, right? 

 The 9-5 clock has made holidays an inevitable part of everyone’s life. But most people find it difficult to frame the perfect travel plan and will require assistance. Tour operators/ travel managers are travel experts who are hired for help. With tourism becoming a billion-dollar industry, it has become a popular profession among travel enthusiasts. 

A tour operator/travel manager is someone who plans and organizes tour packages for his or her clients. From finding the perfect destination to booking the hotel, they take care of every part of your long-awaited holiday. And this involves a lot of traveling. It will give you a chance to travel and explore places as part of your job. Ofcourse, you get paid as well.

If you wish to become a tour operator/travel manager, you can either join a travel company or start your own. You will also find jobs under the government’s tourism department. An undergraduate degree in tourism management will be your best bet if you’re trying to get hired by a travel company. Remember, it’s not just about traveling, but also about business. A professional course will help you look at tourism with a business perspective. 

Travel jobs in India: Travel photographer

Do pictures in National Geographic magazines make you feel jealous of the people who got to be there? Has it ever made you check your bank balance and count the extra-pennies you need to go on that trip? Wait, what about the person who clicked it?  He or she must be a travel photographer. What if you’re that person? Let it be wildlife, fashion or landscape, these people get to travel around the world doing what they are passionate about. And they get paid.

Want to be one? You need real talent for that. If you think you have it, try out things that can make you better at it. Not everything about photography is natural. A few skills need to be learned. You can opt to take up a photography course, work under an established photographer, gain some experience and then opt for a job in a travel magazine or any other organization that will hire you. You can even start your own independent portal and sell your pictures there. Sounds cool?

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If your heart wishes to travel and you want to take up a job that lets you do that, these are a few options. There are plenty of other options as well. Even engineers and government officials get sent to foreign countries as part of their job. But this won’t be the case everywhere. The choice depends on the individual’s goals and aspirations. Always remember that you make your own destiny. Make sure that you invest time and thought before making your life-changing decisions. I hope the illustrated analysis have powered up your insights and have widened your perspectives. 

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