Take some time and browse through our blog. You will find plenty of articles on professions to take up after different academic courses and programs. As we believe it’s our mission to help youngsters choose the right career path, those articles are very close to our hearts. Through intense research and discussions, we publish a carefully curated list of career choices students of different professional courses can take up once they are out of college. 

This article is not about what we do. It’s about a career choice you will find common in most of our lists. Yes, ‘Teaching’. Pardon me if I’ve taken too long to get to the topic, but teaching is a career choice that anyone from any academic background can opt for. You had your teachers. They passed on what they knew to you. Isn’t it cool to cool to do the same for the next generation? Moreover, this noble profession also pays you well if you make it to a reputed institution. 

When I said teaching can be taken up by students of any field, I didn’t mean anyone. Like all other professions, you need real talent and passion to make it big in your career. If you think you have it, choose the level at which you wish to teach. This article is about a requirement for those who wish to teach in colleges. And that’s, of course, UGC NET. 

What is UGC NET? 

University Grants Commission National Eligibility Test, also known as UGC NET is a national level competitive examination that qualifies an individual either for the position of assistant professor or for both assistant professorship and junior research fellowship (JRF) in Indian Universities. Since 2018, this qualifying examination has been conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA). NET examination, which was a paper-based test before the National Testing Agency (NTA) took charge, is now conducted as a computer based online test that happens as a single session. It is one of the most competitive exams in the country and is considered to be a tough nut to crack. So, if you are up for it, equip yourself with all the tools in the garage.

Why write UGC NET?

So, why should someone attempt UGC NET? All of us know that it’s not going to be easy. So, is it worth the time and effort? The answer depends on who you are and what you want. 

Mainly, two types of people attempt the UGC NET exam. The candidates who wish to teach in colleges as assistant professors and the candidates who wish to research in the academic field as junior research fellows. When it comes to teaching in colleges, as of now, UGC NET holders don’t need any further qualification. But this is expected to change in the near future as the concerned authority is considering making a Phd as the minimum qualification to teach in colleges. But even then, UGC NET holders will have an advantage over non-NET holders. Moreover, getting PHD admissions is easier with a UGC NET qualification in hand. 

As I already mentioned, the qualification is an added advantage for those candidates who wish to go for research in any academic field. Moreover, if you clear the exam with JRF (Junior research fellow) qualification, you’re eligible to get a stipend from the University Grants Commission (UGC) for the next 5 years of research. Trust me, that’s something you don’t want to say no to. Especially, considering the expense you will have to bear during the course of your research. But you will start getting this stipend only if you secure an admission for PHD within the two years period after clearing the exam and the results of the exam doesn’t guarantee anyone a PHd seat. So, that’s it. Let’s move on to the next part.

UGC NET exam details

NTA conducts NET exams twice a year, usually in June and december. Aspiring candidates should apply for the exam online once the notification is out. You should select the subject you’re writing net for, while filling the application. The minimum qualification to apply for the test is to either have a postgraduate degree in the academic discipline you’re applying for or the candidate should be in the final year of your post graduation. The concerned authority will then cross check the details and allot test centres to each candidate.

Since NTA took over, the examination is conducted as a computed based online test. The test will have two papers. The first one is a general paper which will be the same for all candidates, no matter the subject they have applied for. The questions will cover areas such as Teaching Aptitude, Research Aptitude, Comprehension, Mathematical Reasoning and Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Data Interpretation, General awareness, etc. The second paper, on the other hand, is a subject-specific paper. The first paper will have 50 questions with each question carrying 2 marks. The second paper will have 100 questions. All questions, including both paper one and paper two, will be MCQ type. 

The cut off marks will be published later on the basis of the number of participants. If you qualify for a Junior research fellowship, it is mandatory to join for PhD within the next two years. Otherwise, the qualification will expire. But with assistant professorship, there will be no such issues. Lifetime validity!

How tough is it?

Let me be frank. It’s gonna be pretty TOUGH. Each year thousands of candidates from around the country appear for the UGC NET exam. The cut off marks are set on the basis of the number of candidates. Only 15 per cent of the total candidates are selected as assistant professors. Getting JRF is even tougher. Only 6 percent of the candidates are given JRF. Moreover, the level of competition depends on the subjects as well. Some subjects see very low participation each year, while subjects like English face heavy competition. So, what do you think? 


So, that’s it, folks. I hope we were able to provide you with all necessary details regarding UGC NET. Feel free to contact us using our free chat service if you need any further help. And also, please share this article with your friends on social media.

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