Why study in Canada?

‘I believe that the world needs more Canada’ said Irish musician Bono and not many can disagree. With snow-capped mountains and misty mornings, the great white north is one of the world’s most welcoming and happiest countries. Be it the scenic beauty or the liberal lifestyle,  this North American dream steals the hearts of anyone who makes a visit. 

Living in Canada is no longer a distant dream for the citizens of the world’s largest democracy. The great white north is now the second home for many Indians. Be it education or work, the country now has a top place in the bucket list of most Indians who wish to go abroad. In fact, there has been a steep increase in the number of Indian students who go to Canada for higher education in the last few years. Let’s take a look at the reasons that make Canada the favourite destination for Indian students who plan to go abroad. 

Why study in Canada: Quality of education

If you’re going to study abroad, the first reason to choose any country is obviously the quality of education. And, Canada is known for its academic excellence with few of the world’s most reputed universities like the University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, Mcgill University and University of Alberta. In fact, 7 Canadian Universities are listed under the top 200 universities in the world. 

This North American country’s education system is well advanced and is on par with countries like US, UK or Australia when it comes to higher education. Be it an undergraduate course or a postgraduate course, most Canadian universities follow high standards when it comes to their faculty, academic resources or infrastructure. Moreover, Canadian academic curriculum is less theory-oriented and focuses more on preparing a student for the industry.

Why study in Canada: Welcoming

It’s not Trump out there, but Trudeau. You will be welcomed to Canada with open doors, not walls. With one of the world’s most liberal leaders, Justin Trudau, as the prime minister of the country, you can’t expect anything less than a warm hug once you land on the world’s second-largest country as a part of your educational expedition. 

Unlike other popular destinations for international students like Australia or the United States, the anti-immigrant sentiments are comparatively very low in Canada if not null. In fact, Canada is currently hosting around 570,000 international students. This is one of the major factors that make Canada one of the most preferred destinations for international students.

Why study in Canada: Affordability when compared to the US, Australia or UK

Don’t get confused by the heading. You will have to break your bank if you are planning to go for higher studies in Canada. An undergraduate course will cost you at least Rs 15 lakhs while a postgraduate program will cost at least Rs 12 lakhs. That’s much more than what you will spend in India for your higher studies. 

But when it comes to other prominent choices for education abroad like the United States, Australia or the United Kingdom, the cost of education in Canada is much less. In the US, UK or Australia, it can easily go well beyond 20 lakhs in any reputed institution. The cost of living in those countries are also higher than that of Canada.

Why study in Canada: Employment opportunities

It’s common knowledge that Canada has a very low population density. This has caused serious manpower shortage problems inside the country. And unavailability of enough human resources has become an issue of concern for business enterprises and other organisations in the country. That’s one of the main reasons why the North American country is promoting the settlement of international communities.  

This opens up a lot of employment opportunities for the international community residing in Canada. For Indian students, they are likely to get paid much more and have a better lifestyle in Canada than in India. When it comes to hiring, the applicants who did their education in Canada and are familiar with the Canadian lifestyle will have a priority. If not their own, the ones who went to their colleges. 

Why study in Canada: Work while you study

You do spend a lot on foreign education. That’s true for the community of Indian students in Canada as well. But at the same time, Canada allows international students to work in the country while studying. They won’t need a work permit or any other requirements for that. 

This is because Canadian culture identifies students as fully capable adults, unlike the case of India. But in order to make sure that the students have enough time for their education, the maximum work hours is restricted to 20 hours per week when there are classes. You can work full time during the summer holidays. 

They will be paid per hour and there is a minimum wage set by the government. So, you don’t have to be scared of getting cheated while in Canada. Want to know how much you can earn? On average, an International student earns up to $1000 when there are classes and more than $1600 during the summer vacation. This will be enough to cover up your living expenses there and will also leave you with a few bucks to party.

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Why study in Canada: Industry oriented curriculum

I don’t have to tell you about how we study in India. We mug up books, throw up that on our answer sheets during the exams, repeat that again in the next semester. Where did that leave us? Millions of academically qualified Indian students standing in queue at the employment exchange. Why? When left in an industry, they got no idea of what to do and get thrown out. All they know are theories, they stumble when asked to apply that. Thanks to our theory-based education system. 

It’s not the same in most developed countries. Canadian curriculum is designed to equip students with essential skills to thrive in an industry, not to clear exams. Thus it’s more practical compared to the theory-based Indian curriculum. Many universities grade students on the basis of projects they do during their term as a student. Some of them don’t even conduct exams. And what’s the result? The students who come out of those universities often do well in the industry and are in high demand when it comes to job opportunities.

Why study in Canada: People from all around the world

Just because we were talking about Indian students in Canada doesn’t mean the country is exclusively for students from our country. You will find students from all around the world. Different cultures, different races, different languages, different faces, everything together makes up your experience in a Canadian University. 

If you are not among the ones who wish to live inside a bubble, it will change your overall perspective about the world. Trust me, that’s not something anyone would want to miss. On the other hand, connections from all around the world will open up more doors and more opportunities. How about having a friend in any European country or the  US to help you with anything there? 

Why study in Canada: The stay back policy

Don’t tell me that you’ve no intention to settle down in Canada after your graduation. It’s not just the quality of education, but also the opportunities that this country offers, makes someone apply for a study program in Canada. It will be easier to get permanent resident status in Canada if you have completed your higher education there. 

Most university programs allow you to stay back in Canada for a few years after your studies. It’s another year for most one year programs and it’s another 3 years for most 2-3 year programs. This is a post-graduate work permit and you can work full time for that given period of time in Canada. Within that time, you can either find a good job and manage a work visa or try getting PR. You will have an added advantage while applying for PR if you are educated in Canada.

But the stay back permit won’t get activated automatically. You have to apply for it within 180 days after your course ends. If everything goes well, a student visa is your ticket towards settling down in this wonderful country.

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Canada is a land of opportunities. It will welcome you with a smile and will give you everything you need. The education system in Canada holds a high reputation all around the world and can open up many doors around the globe. But it’s not only about pros, studying in Canada has its own problems as well. I will talk about that in another article. In the end, it’s your life and the choice depends on an individual’s potential and career goals. Always remember that you make your own destiny. Make sure that you invest time and thought before making your life-changing decisions. I hope the illustrated analysis have powered up your insights and have widened your perspectives.

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