Furniture Designer

As a furniture designer, you will be involved in designing, planning and manufacturing of furniture which are for industrial, commercial and domestic uses.

What do furniture designers do?

Furniture designers are the experts or skilled person in designing and manufacturing of different furniture according to the customers needs and markets. They design various furniture by bringing innovative ideas and aesthetic sense without losing the functionality. Furniture designers may be work in big industries or cottage industries.

What does a typical day at work involve?

  • Checked Do research and design new models of furniture
  • Checked Meet customers and understand their expectations
  • Checked Make changes and improve the quality of furnitures which are already manufactured
  • Checked Ensure the quality of materials which include wood, metals, plastics etc
  • Checked Discuss with customers about different designs and finalise it
  • Checked Use AutoCAD, Inventor, SolidWorks and Photoshop to prepare designs
  • Checked Give directions and assist co-workers and manufactures
  • Checked Ensure the finishing of the products and security
  • Checked Promote new designs by using social or media platforms

How to become a Furniture Designer ?

Step 1
Take any stream at plus two level

To take up undergraduate studies in design you can choose any stream at +2 level.

Note :

You can make use of craft and drawing classes, available at school. You can go for designing workshops and participate in competitions at school level and improve your skills.

Step 2
Take Bachelor of Design in Furniture Design/ Take up a Bachelors course in any discipline

You can take up a BDes course of four year duration with specialisation in Furniture and Interior Design which is offered by reputed design institutes in India (NID). Some foreign institutes (The Florence Institute of Design International) offer BA (Hons) in Interior Design ( including furniture design) which is a three year course.

Taking a bachelor’s degree in any discipline will also make you eligible to take up postgraduate studies in furniture design.

Note :
  • One year Diploma course and two year Advanced Diploma course in Interior Design (with furniture design) are available in institutes abroad
  • There are also short courses of a few weeks duration in Furniture design offered by some design institutes abroad. These courses are open to students of all levels.
Step 3
Take Master of Design in Furniture Design

The MDes course in Furniture & Interior design in India ( NID) is of 2 ½ yrs duration and can be taken up after BDes or graduation in any discipline. A Master of Furniture Design course of 1 year duration is available abroad (FIDI).

Note :

4 year BVoc, 2 year MVoc and 5 year integrated MVoc programs in Hard Material Design (includes Furniture Design) is offered by the Indian Institute of Crafts and Design, Jaipur.

Furniture Design Colleges

Name State District Type Website Course

Requirements for Masters in Furniture Design

Requirements for admission into a PG course in one of the top institutions to help you get an overall picture

India (from National Institute Of Design, Bengaluru, for Master’s in Furniture and Interior Design)

  • Bachelor degree of 3- year or 4-year duration in any specialization, after 12th standard or equivalent to 12th standard from any university or institute recognised by law in India.
  • Should qualify both in the Prelims and Mains of the design Aptitude Test conducted by NID

Foreign ( From University Of the Arts London for Master’s in Furniture Design)

  • An honour’s degree in a relevant field from a recognized university
  • IELTS score should be above 6.5 with at least 5.5 reading, writing, listening and speaking
  • Personal Statement (Students have to write about themselves and explain why they want to join the course in 300 to 500 words)
  • An indicative project proposal (500 to 800 words long)
  • Academic or other professional reference
  • On The basis of Interview

To see the entrance exams, scholarships and UG admission details, click here

Skills Required

Creative and practical skills

Furniture designers have to be creative when they design furniture, and practical skills help them to convert design into reality.

Interpersonal and Communication

Furniture designers need to effectively communicate with different customers to know their expectations about the furniture.


According to the changing trends and needs of people, furniture designers need to adopt new designs or models.

Time Management

Designers should have the ability to complete work within a period of time for the sake of customers.


Designers may change their plans according to the interests of their customers and have to adopt different ideas or model from anywhere based on their needs.


  • Checked Export and Domestic Manufacturing
  • Checked Retail
  • Checked Interior Design Firms
  • Checked Tourism and hospitality sector
  • Checked Healthcare Furniture design

Top Companies

  • Checked Godrej
  • Checked Durian furniture
  • Checked Ikea
  • Checked Usha Luxus
  • Checked Zuari Furniture
  • Checked American Signature
  • Checked Morph Design
  • Checked Design Qube
  • Checked Carafina