Academic Content Developer

As an academic content developer, you will be involved in designing of curriculum and the study materials, which can be used by students and teachers for learning and teaching purposes.

What does an academic content developer do?

An academic content developer suppose to have depth knowledge about the particular subject which he/she is going to develop or deal. They will oversee or get involved in curriculum development and educational material development activities including text book preparations,, assessments, worksheets, bulletins, posters and digital content making etc.

What does a typical day at work involve?

The tasks of an academic content writer in a typical day’s work may vary depending up on their areas of specialisation . These may involve

  • Checked Framing syllabi and introducing improvements in them
  • Checked Choosing subject experts and assigning different modules
  • Checked Ensuring course , text and lecture materials are available at the digital platform
  • Checked Certifying the academic correctness of the programmes
  • Checked Coordinating with programme developer for generating Content
  • Checked Ensuring the incorporation of correction in content suggested by experts

What are the different job roles in Academic Content Development?

Curriculum developer is highly trained educational professionals who create instructional and learning materials that teachers use in the classrooms to facilitate learning.
Educational content developer are those who writes content for textbooks, websites or other study materials.
Content analysts have to review the written academic contents before its publication and recommend essential changes if it needed.
Academic content researchers will generate and refine academic content and information for teaching and academic purposes.

How to become an Academic Content Developer?

Step 1
Take any stream in 10+2

Students who wish to pursue a career in Academic content developing can do plus two in any stream.

Step 2
Take any Bachelor’s degree

To pursue a career in academic content developing it is important to have a bachelor’s degree, and they must also focus on improving their skills in research and language.

Step 3
Take any Master’s degree

Having master’s in any degree is considered important for this job as it is necessary for the person to possess deep knowledge in their area in order to develop content.

Step 4
Take an M.Phil/Ph.D

M.Phil & Ph.D in their area is an added benefit as this will help you take up this job easier.

Academic Content Development Colleges

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Skills Required

Communication skills and Writing skills

It goes without saying that Academic content developer should have good verbal aptitude. They should be able to use and understand words and create attractive and informative content. Communication skill is a vital aspect in this field. They have to convey their ideas and with good presentation skills.


Creative ideas in converting an idea into a crisp content is one of the most required skills in this area. One cannot survive in this field without developing new ideas and creative writing .


Interest and ability to do research is very required as they have to have a deep understanding and knowledge in the subject.

Team work

Academic content developer should have the ability to be a part of the team and work with a lot of people.


  • Checked Educational Institutions
  • Checked E-Learning Companies
  • Checked Publication Houses

Top companies

  • Checked BYJUS
  • Checked TIS
  • Checked LEO
  • Checked NIIT
  • Checked SweetRush