As a Professor you will be a facilitator and guide for college and university students who are seeking knowledge by studying a course or conducting research, in any of a wide variety of academic and vocational subjects.

What do Professors do?

Professors teach courses in their subject of specialisation at colleges and universities, instructing students who are studying for a degree or a certification. They act as supervisors for research scholars and may also carry out independent research and publish scholarly papers and books. They also participate in the development of curricula for courses and in preparation of textbooks and learning material.

What does a typical day at work involve?

  • Checked Teaching concerned subjects and interacting with students and clearing their doubts
  • Checked Planning lessons and assignments and assessing students’ progress by grading papers and tests
  • Checked Conducting research and experiments to advance knowledge in their field
  • Checked Supervising graduate students working toward doctoral degrees
  • Checked Serving on academic and administrative committees that review and recommend policies and make budget decisions

How to become a Professor

Step 1
Take any stream at +2

You can take up any stream to become a professor. Your Choice of stream depends on which academic subject you would like to choose as your teaching specialisation.

Step 2
Take a Bachelor’s degree in the subject of Choice

You can take a Bachelor’s degree in your subject of choice. The course spans for 3 years.

Note :

Many colleges provide an integrated masters degree programme. This course is of 5 years.

Step 3
Take Master’s degree in the chosen subject

Master’s degree in the subject of specialisation is the basic requirement for being a professor.

Note :

After finishing Master’s, you can qualify in the CSIR-UGC National Eligibility Test (NET)/ Junior Research Fellowship(JRF) or State Eligibility Test(SET) which are essential for taking up a teaching career in universities and colleges.

Step 4
Take MPhil/PhD

Taking up Mphil / PhD in your subject is an advisable additional qualification.


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Skills Required

Research Skills

You need to be a very good researcher. You need to conduct the research in your area of interest. And also should be well versed with the subject so that the right and updated information is passed to the students.

Communication Skills

An extremely important part of teaching is that you communicate your thoughts and ideas clearly with the students. There should not be any communication gap between you and your listeners.

Time Management Skills

The time has to be allocated efficiently for various activities and you need to plan each lecture well. You need to stick to schedules and timings in order to provide the maximum output in teaching.

Interpersonal Skills

As a professor you will be interacting with students with different needs and also have to constantly work with other professors and many other staff members. Interpersonal skills are therefore important.

Presentation Skills

A professor should be able to convey ideas and information to his or her students through public speaking skills. Voice modulation, tone and pace while speaking are important.