Investment Banking

As an investment banker you will be helping corporations, governments and other groups plan and manage large complicated financial transactions and investments.

What do Investment Bankers do?

Investment banking deals with the creation of capital for companies, governments and other entities. Investment bankers underwrite new debt and equity securities, aid in the sale of securities, and help to facilitate mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations and broker trades for both institutions and private investors. Investment banks also provide guidance to issuers regarding the issue and placement of stock.

What does a typical day at work involve?

Investment banking professionals carry out different daily tasks depending on their job roles in the organisation. On a typical day you may

  • Checked Scrutinise reports on business assets, earnings reports and industry-related variables to determine whether or not they recommend investing in a company.
  • Checked Meet with clients and make recommendations about potential investments.
  • Checked Present information and reports to clients or to other professionals in their bank.
  • Checked Prepare offer documents and run financial projections.
  • Checked Work on pitchbooks, or sales books created by the firm to help generate new clients.
  • Checked Attend office meetings.
  • Checked Attend to phone calls and reply to messages/emails from clients, co-workers and senior bankers.
  • Checked Check status report, presentations and calculations prepared by accounting staff.
  • Checked Develop or implement procedures or systems to evaluate or select suppliers
  • Checked Coordinate work with other professionals, such as equity research or sales staff and with DTP experts for using software like PowerPoint, Photoshop and other aesthetic programs to make revisions to pitch books and other marketing materials.

Job roles in Investment Banking

Investment banking analysts are involved in conducting research and producing analytical reports. Their work includes financial statement modeling, valuation, credit analysis and preparation of pitch books
The investment banking associate is responsible for all the front-end work to prepare the pitch, managing investment banking analysts by assigning them projects and checking reports, statements and models
Senior bankers source deals and maintain relationships with clients. They anticipate when companies will need to raise capital or when strategic discussions (M&A, LBO) are necessary. They are responsible for planning, structuring and execution of large financial transactions, overseeing these from start to finish.

How to become an investment banker

Step 1
Take any Stream at +2 level

You may take any stream at +2 to make you eligible for bachelor's studies but opting for Commerce stream would help you gain a strong base.

Step 2
Take a Bachelor’s degree preferably in Commerce or Management

Taking BCom, BBM, BBA or BMS degrees is recommended for further studies in the field of Banking and Finance. Generally the duration of these courses are 3 years.


Distance education diploma courses in Supply Chain Management of duration 1 to 1½ years is offered by some institutions ( NMIMS, Symbiosis) in India. This can be taken up after graduation in any discipline.

Step 3
Take an MBA (with Specialisation in Finance/Banking)

You may take an MBA (Finance) which is of 2 years duration in India. MBA (Investment Banking) programmes are available in foreign universities.

Diploma or Certificate courses in Investment Banking can also be taken up.

Diploma or Certificate courses in Investment Banking can also be taken up.

Investment Banking Colleges

Name State District Type Website Course

Requirements for masters in Investment Banking

Requirements for admission into a PG course in one of the top institutions to help you get an overall picture

India (MBA (Banking & Finance) at Symbiosis School of Banking and Finance, Pune)

  • Graduate from any recognized University / Institution with a minimum of 50% marks or equivalent grade.
  • A valid SNAP test score

Foreign ( For MSc in Investment banking and Capital markets at IESEG School of Management - Paris, France)

  • Undergraduate degree in Finance, Business Administration, Economics, Mathematics or similar from a recognized university.
  • English Language proficiency: IELTS score of 6.5 or TOEFL IBT score 85.
  • A GMAT/GRE/CAT score is an asset, yet not mandatory.

To see the entrance exams, scholarships and UG admission details, click here

Skills Required

Attention to detail

Being able to spot important details and identify discrepancies at a glance is a valuable skill for an investment banker as the job requires high levels of accuracy and diligence

Analytical skills

Analytical expertise is highly essential for an investment banker who needs to spot expansion or mergers opportunities within existing businesses and is also often required to present the detailed analysis of business ventures or investment plans to the highly demanding clients

Management skills

Management and leadership potential to drive things on their own, build teams and coordinate multiple internal divisions and partnerships is an integral part of investment banking jobs.

Presentation and Communication Skills

Investment bankers should have the ability to persuade and convince. clients to buy into their ideas. This requires great all around communication and presentation skills

Networking Skills

Investment bankers often have to deal with extreme situations and unfamiliar settings involving differently cultured and often difficult clients. Networking skills to keep in contact with a wider cross section of individuals would help maintain healthy client relationships.

Time management skills

Good time management skills are essential to handle a lot of tasks and projects at once and maintain efficient working while meeting deadlines.


  • Checked Investment Banks
  • Checked Stock market
  • Checked Insurance firms
  • Checked Government bodies

Top companies

  • Checked Goldman Sachs
  • Checked Morgan Stanley
  • Checked JPMorgan Chase
  • Checked Bank of America
  • Checked Merrill Lynch
  • Checked Deutsche Bank
  • Checked Credit Suisse
  • Checked Barclays Bank
  • Checked B. N. P. Paribas
  • Checked Citi Bank
  • Checked Kotak Mahindra