Print and New Media

As a journalist working in the field of print and new media, you will be collecting,organizing and reporting recent events to the public through print and online media. You may also use your technical skills in operating and maintaining printing presses, digital platforms and various applications according to the field in which you are working.

What Print and New Media Journalists do?

A journalist in print and new media work in different locations according to their job role. They visit different places for reporting the events and do the content writing, editing works at the office. They also write or present the news. Their activities like reporting newse and creating stories on various topics may differ according to the difference in the medium in which they work. A print Journalist primarily work for Newspaper and journals and they mainly work on writing and new media journalists mainly work on video/audio streams, social media writing, vlogging, blogging etc.

What does a typical day at work involve?

  • Checked Identifying and investigating the current issues
  • Checked Collecting and verifying information
  • Checked Updating oneself with the current happenings and events
  • Checked Interviewing and conducting discussions
  • Checked Observing and critically analysing events
  • Checked Communicating with people from various fields
  • Checked Presenting an accurate, well-balanced explanation of the stories and information they cover

What are the different job roles in print and new media?

Creative managers will do work in printing houses where they lead and manage creative writings and printing outcomes.
Designers in the industry of print and new media find themselves working on paper or digital magazine layouts, book covers and layouts, catalogs, website or blog design etc.
Interpreter and translator in the sector of print and new media who aid communication by converting text and messages from one language into another.
A video editor edits raw video for all types of programmes such as tv shows, news, films, advertisements and internet based broadcasting footages etc.
A technical writer is a professional who transfers information and knowledge between two parties through a variety of delivery mediums such as electronic, printed, audio-visual and even touch.
A video producer coordinates and manages many aspects of a video production process from start to finish.
Public relations specialists in media sector,handles organizational communication with the public which includes consumers, investors, reporters, and other media specialists
Blogger creates contents related to various issues and publish in different platforms such as paper, tv , internet etc.

How to become a Print and New Media Journalist ?

Step 1
Take any stream at +2 level

You can take any stream at +2 level to go for a career in Print or New Media communication.

Step 2
Take a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication/ any other discipline

Taking a bachelor’s degree in any discipline will make you eligible for higher studies in this field. Bachelor’s degree programmes in Mass Communication like BA (Hons) Journalism and Mass communication, Bachelor of Mass Communications, Bachelor’s in Advertising, Mass Communication and Journalism are available which are usually of 3 years duration.


A bachelor’s degree in Literature will also make you eligible and better equipped to take up higher studies in Print Media.

Step 3
Take Master’s degree/ PG Diploma

You may take an MA communication and Media studies of two years duration. Master’s programmes in Digital Media/New Media communications are rare in India but are available in many universities abroad

PG diploma in Print Journalism and PG Diploma in Online/Multimedia Journalism programs of 1 year duration can be taken up (Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media , Bangalore) after a graduation in any discipline.

You may also take up 1 year postgraduate Diploma courses in an of the subjects, direction, electronic cinematography, video editing, sound recording and television engineering (Film and Television Institute of India)

Postgraduate Diploma In Journalism - Print & Convergence Media (at NSJ)is another suitable course that can be taken up.

Note :

You can also take up PG Diploma in Mass Communication, Advertising and Journalism which includes studies in Print media and Digital media communication (NIMJ Ahmedabad)

Print and New Media Colleges

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Requirements for masters in Print and New Media

Requirements for admission into a PG course in one of the top institutions to help you get an overall picture

Indian (from Christ University, for MA in media and communication studies)

  • any undergraduate degree from a recognized university
  • 50% aggregate marks in under graduation degree
  • Based on personal interview

Foreign (for Boston University, for MA in Emerging media studies)

  • Bachelor's degree from a recognized institutions
  • TOEFL score: minimum score of 100
  • \
  • IELTS score: minimum score of 7.0
  • 3 letters of recommendation

To see the entrance exams, scholarships and UG admission details, click here

Skills Required

Language skills

A print and new media person should possess good language skills. They have to create the content, and present it in an impressive way.

Communication skills

They should possess good communication skills as they will have to have to conduct one to one conversations and group discussions

Critical thinking

Critical thinking is highly required as they have to critically evaluate all information and events before presenting it.


Graduates specialised in Print Media could find employment in

  • Checked Book Publishers
  • Checked Newspapers
  • Checked Magazine publishers
  • Checked Public Relations
  • Checked Advertising Agencies

  • New Media industries include

  • Checked Social networking
  • Checked Online resources
  • Checked Gaming
  • Checked Online marketing & advertisement

Top Companies

  • Checked News Corp
  • Checked The New York Times
  • Checked Daily mail
  • Checked The Hindu
  • Checked Wire
  • Checked Bennet Coleman & Co
  • Checked Indian Express